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Gold is generally known as a yellow precious metal. In its pure state, it is soft and malleable. In jewelry, gold is used in the form of an alloy to make it more solid and facilitate its transformation.


Diamonds, reputedly a “girl’s best friend”, are the hardest naturally occurring material known to man. They are one of the most treasured stones in the world and feature strongly in Engagement Rings ,Ring Sets as well as many of her jewellery collections. 

Sapphire Gemstone

After diamonds, sapphires are the next hardest gemstone and one of the most valuable. Sapphires belong to the corundum family of rock minerals, which occur in many colours. All colours, other than red corundum, are known as sapphires, with a blue sapphire being the most coveted even though other colours may be rarer.

Ruby Gemstone

Ruby, known for its bright red colour, is a variety of the corundum mineral. All other varieties of the mineral are sapphires. Like sapphires, rubies are second only to diamonds in their hardness and brilliance, but they are rarer than both diamonds and blue sapphires.

Emeraude Gemstone

These richly coloured stones belong to the beryl group, which also includes aquamarine. Emerald’s captivating green colour is unique and unparalleled in all other gemstones due to inclusions that make each stone unique. 

Multi Gemstone

Multi-coloured gemstones are gemstones that display two or more hues and their tones at the same time. Quite simply, they are gems with multiple colours, rather than one solid color throughout.